About dwp|suters

dwp|suters are award winning architects and interior designers who create exceptional places for life, work and community. We are a group of 450 professionals working collaboratively across 15 locations conveniently located throughout Asia, Australia and the Middle East. 

dwp|suters combines the design flair of one of Asia’s most innovative international design companies, dwp; with over 50 years of award winning design expertise from one of Australia’s top ten architecture practices, Suters.

Together, dwp|suters provides fully integrated design services including architecture, interior design and planning, delivered across borders, to the highest standards.  Our clients benefit from our international network and access to skilled professionals who are local to their project.

Our Approach

We are much more than buildings. We like to think big, beyond architecture.

How We Work


We question conventions and norms, engaging in thorough research and enquiry throughout the design process to generate unique ideas developed from first principles. We approach design as leaders of specialist teams to bring expert capability, experience and knowledge to every project. Each solution explores ways to optimise productivity, and provide future flexibility.


We agree that two heads are better than one, which is why we approach every project in a spirit of collaboration with our clients, consultants, team and international network. Even in the most challenging of locations, our multicultural professionals work together to deliver projects via teams of highly focused specialists, offering diversity, flexibility and creativity over a broad spectrum of project types.

We approach collaboration with openness and enthusiasm from the outset, a passion for teamwork and engaging the collective expertise of our people, our clients, our colleagues and community is at heart of our success. Our teams form and reform to bring skills together in response to unique challenges. We have a long tradition of collaborating with other practices, with many successful projects delivered through joint venture arrangements and the like. For enquiries about joint venture and PPP projects contact our CEO Leone Lorrimer


We are about communities and taking a leading role in shaping a better future. We are more than just building architects, we are architects of communities. We connect communities with the power of architecture to instil pride, identity and sense of place. Through our investigations and design we strive to enhance social cohesion and build economic benefit for the communities in which we work. Our specialists work across all kinds of community elements from workplace sport and recreation, community, retail, residential and seniors living at public transport nodes.


Award winning and industry changing, dwp|suters is at the forefront of sustainable design.  Our reputation is driven by our belief that buildings must operate and be designed in an environmentally, socially and economically responsible manner. dwp|suters collaborates with industry, government and academia via multiple sustainability committees, working groups and roundtables to ensure that we are fully committed to driving real change towards a sustainable future for the built environment.

dwp|suters’ approach is underpinned by an accredited environmental management system that supports our design outputs with a rigorous sustainable design process, as well as minimising the environmental impact of our operations. In this way, we focus on reducing our own carbon footprint, while at the same time delivering design solutions that are optimised for true sustainability.


dwp|suters utilises building information modelling (BIM) on every project.  This facilitates client decision making and achieves seamless coordination between architecture and engineering documentation, leading to reduced construction costs.  Our secure intranet permits the transfer of BIM data files, enabling the full complement of our resources and expertise to be shared across our network on any project.

We are at the forefront of the implementation of BIM in Australia and as industry leaders we are a leading catalyst for change.  We anticipate the construction industry will ultimately demand BIM as the only cost effective and competitive method of providing project information to subcontractors. Many international building codes already mandate the use of BIM and we expect this will ultimately become a requirement in Australia.

dwp|suters is quality accredited to international standards.