Our Portfolios

We design with
tomorrow in mind.

Our expert teams are structured into four portfolios: Lifestyle, Community, Work and Infrastructure. We deliver projects via teams of highly focused specialists, offering diversity, flexibility and creativity.


Our lifestyle portfolio provides the settings for living life to the full. The trends impacting our daily lives reflect a world in a state of constant transition. We understand the way in which demographic patterns and social structures influence today’s travel, living and buying experiences. dwp|suters achieves a delicate balance between the current needs and future aspirations of the target market


dwp|suters designs hospitality spaces that set the scene for living, relaxation, dining and enjoyment.  Reflecting diverse lifestyles, cultures and cities, dwp|suters has conceived and implemented many inspirational, award winning projects.


dwp|suters innovates residential designs via concerted and conscientious efforts to generate sustainable living of unrivalled quality, all suited to the client's individual needs.  Our designs are value  conscious, responsible and eco-sensitive to provide comfortable, exciting spaces for living.  dwp|suters services range from site analysis of environmental factors, site densities, feasibility and masterplanning through to interior design.


dwp|suters creates comfort, convenience and a positive, memorable shopping experience for the consumer, whilst best presenting the brand, merchandise and appropriate technology for its clients.  Successful retail design relies on the ability to effectively combine operational and aesthetic requirements.  Finding new ways of looking at previously established modes is a key strength and our aim is to create an uplifting and enduring space which balances form and function.

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The notion of community underpins dwp|suters approach to every project.  We explore ways to optimise productivity, provide flexibility for future adaptation and create an uplifting experience for all users.  Collaborating with our clients, we aim to enhance social cohesion and economic benefit for the communities in which we work.


‘Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’, World Health Organisation.  dwp|suters has the expertise, resources and systems to deliver design solutions that provide innovative health environments.  Our design process engages with complex stakeholder expectations and reflects the needs of both the local community and health professionals.


Educational facilities have always benefited from a strong relationship with architecture.  dwp|suters designs for education spaces are functional, inspiring and nurturing, as well as practical and economical.  dwp|suters has a wealth of experience across all facets of educational environments from pre-schools and schools to universities and innovative learning spaces.

Seniors Living

dwpIsuters embraces the challenges to design retirement living and aged care projects for the 21st Century which resonate as community engaged projects.  dwp|suters believes creating architecture for senior people is a privilege.  We understand the impacts of evolving models of care, new operational technologies, security considerations and new approaches to procurement and marketing.

Sport + Leisure

Effective design for sport + leisure demands an approach that is creative, attractive, exciting and welcoming.  dwp|suters recent projects include a wide range of award winning tourism, leisure, fitness, grass roots and elite sporting facilities.  We are especially proud to be acknowledged as leaders in aquatic facility design.

Civic + Cultural

dwp|suters approach to civic projects is to deliver an integrated civic design solution, which is architecturally engaging, technically resolved, energy efficient and commercially viable for the client.  Our extensive experience includes libraries, museums, galleries, theatres and work in the justice sector.

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Work defines a significant sphere of human endeavor and the dynamics are in constant flux.  The challenge facing organisations today is to anticipate the impact of technology on the changing nature of work and workplace.


The right working environment, more than ever, is crucial to an organisation’s success.  Workplace design can improve productivity, quality, product and service delivery, employee retention and knowledge sharing. dwp|suters design philosophy is informed by the urban context and the interaction between public and private space. Unique design responses are formulated, based on culture, workstyle and the corporate identity of each organisation, creating pride and an inspirational working environment. 

Banking + Finance

Technology has enabled a radical transformation of the banking and finance industry leading to the establishment of campus-style hubs, in which collaboration between diverse specialists can occur in real-time. dwp|suters team has designed collaborative work environments, dealing rooms, data centres and retail banking networks

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dwp|suters’ infrastructure work improves the quality of urban life and the function of our urban areas. With the increasing complexity of cities our interdisciplinary working method adds value at every level of development. Our infrastructure experts have a cohesive understanding of urban, business, defence and the dynamics of city culture.


A successful industrial building incorporates modern technologies, workflow processes and facilities within a safe and pleasant working environment to ensure optimum levels of efficiency. At dwp|suters we recognise the importance of these design elements and our projects demonstrate our understanding of the accommodation needs and logistical requirements of a manufacturing or industrial process.


dwp|suters understanding of this sector is grounded in a strong appreciation of the many inputs required to achieve a quality outcome. This is evidenced by our growing body of integrated projects which include complex mixed use rail projects, such as Transit Oriented Developments.


dwp|suters has been involved in defence projects for more than 10 years. Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer a broad range of quality services from site audits and feasibilities through to inspections for sign-off at project completion.

Urban Design

Urban design has entered the public consciousness in recent years as we have all become increasingly aware of the importance of town planning and design on community and our environment. dwp|suters delivers a sophisticated approach which integrates disciplines and addresses the needs of a broad range of stakeholders to design healthy, sustainable and safe communities for the future.

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