Christophorous House Retirement Village
Community / Seniors Living
Christophorus House is a boutique style retirement village with tranquil gardens, offering the peace and quiet of village life, with the benefit of proximity to excellent community services in Hornsby.  

Our client’s aim is to make retirement l iving enjoyable and comfortable, while honoring the dignity of residents and their physical, social, psychological and  spiritual wellbeing.  dwp|suters embraces these ideals to design a redevelopment which engenders a community spirit  where everyone is valued.  

The two stage redevelopment consolidates recently acquired l and into the existing retirement village.  The first stage comprises 16 new units, parking and services.  The second  stage provides a further 10 new units plus extra community facilities including a multipurpose hall, a café, kitchen and offices.  The new development offers contemporary, apartment style facilities with discreet measures to support residents’ needs.  Our brief includes planning and design of  both internal and external spaces.  Our design solution incorporates a central courtyard for residents to relax and  socialise and establishes safe, pedestrian friendly accessible pathways to encourage mobility and community interaction. 


client Christophorus House Retirement Village

location Sydney, NSW, Australia

project value $11.7 million

completion 2016

size 26 ILU